One of the leading Government Acclaimed Security Agencies in West Bengal, Chakraborty Security Agency (CSA) constitutes of capable, well-trained employees, who can protect you, your family, your assets and your property, effortlessly.

Our service delivery is consistent, high-quality and customised, which reflects our company’s years of experience in helping secure your surroundings from anti-socials. As your round the clock partner, we will serve as a one-stop solution provider who manages all aspects of your entire property – be it commercial or private, or even your own security, thereby managing risk and providing cost-effective security solutions.

We offer services such as –

  • Industrial Security 
  • Commercial Security 
  • Retail Security 
  • Personal Security 
  • Institutional Security
  • Health Care Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Retail Security
  • Event Security
  • Festival Security

Apart from providing security solutions, we also train youngsters who want to become security personnels in the near future. Basic skills development, enhancement of etiquette, strengthening self-defence and fire training are some of the aspects that our training program covers. And once your training is completed, we will ensure that your career takes a flight!

  1. Trustworthy Personnel

  2. Distinguished Management

  3. Compliant Guards

  4. Finest Equipment